• Identify with a snap

    Take a photo and upload it, and PhotoID will automatically identify that animal or plant.

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    It's free and there's no software to install. Just tweet your photo to one of our accounts.

  • Butterflies and birds

    PhotoID can identify butterflies, birds, and wildflowers. Discover the Nature around you!

PhotoID takes the hassle out of identifying species by quickly narrowing the choice down to a few options.

Try out PhotoID today

It couldn't be simpler to use

1. Take a photo

The better your picture, the better the results. Try to take a close up shot with good colors and lighting.

2. Tweet the photo

Upload the photo to Twitter and send it to one of the accounts below:

Butterfly ID

@id_butterflies to identify butterflies

Our butterfly identification bot knows around 50 species from Europe.

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Bird ID

@id_birds to identify birds

Our bird identification bot knows around 256 European species and can even identify juveniles.

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Wildflower ID

@id_wildflowers for wildflowers

Our wildflower bot can identify around 200 species from across Europe.

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3. Wait for the response

Within a minute you'll get a reply with two identification suggestions and information.

4. Get more results

For a longer list of results, include the hashtag #nolink in your tweet.

Amazing automated photo ID service - tweet a picture of a butterfly, bird or plant and get ids back.
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre

Why you should use PhotoID


The first step in identification is the hardest. PhotoID takes the hassle out of identifying species by quickly narrowing the choice down to a few options. These can then be checked against other sources to confirm the species.


All you need is a photo of your subject. There’s no need to hold it up, snap at a certain angle or have a particular background which some other apps require. PhotoID is part of recent advancements in image recognition, using neural networks inspired by the human brain to allow the bots to learn different species.


PhotoID is free to use, all you need is a Twitter account. There's no software to download. Simply take a photo and tweet it to the right account.


It’s quick and accurate. PhotoID covers a variety of species of birds, butterflies and wildflowers across Europe and the UK.

I only wish that something like this had been around when I was studying.
Joanne Vere, Wildlife Conservationist

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